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What is suspension training?

Suspension training is about harnessing your own body weight against gravity and performing suspended exercises to maximise strength development, stability, endurance and sculpt the body. This form of training is revolutionising workouts throughout the world as more people discover just how effective it is, and is being adopted by professional athletes and top trainers alike.

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Hailed as a revolution in bodyweight training and exercise, it offers a scalable form of training for people of all abilities. It allows you to leverage your own bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint mobility simultaneously. Suspension training is highly adaptable to the individual, as the level of difficulty and intensity of the exercises can be determined by changing the body position or adjusting the angle at which the exercise is performed, giving you complete control over your fitness developments.

As exercises are carried out in a suspended state, rather than fixed like traditional weight training equipment, it requires a great deal of core body work to stabilize your movements against the forces of gravity. Whatever your fitness level suspension training can challenge you and you will see real developments.

What do I need for Suspension Training?

OK, you see the benefits, and want to try this out for yourself. All you need to get going is a Suspension Trainer. This typically takes the form of two handles, with lengths of adjustable webbing which can be fixed to a stationary object such as a wall or door.

By far the best Suspension Trainer on the market today is the TRX system - created and sold by Fitness Anywhere. Adopted by top athletes, the US military and fitness professionals, the TRX is our choice of suspension trainer, and is unsurpassed by any other product available. Their suspension trainers offer superior industrial-level build quality, integrated foot cradles and club-grade hand grips in a product form that is not only extremely portable (1.79 lbs in weight + carry case) but also very easy and quick to adjust.

The TRX suspension fitness trainer can be attached to any stable structure such as beams, bars, or even trees but it also comes with a door attachment for easy use around the home. An optional wall attachment can also be used.

Fitness Anywhere offer you everything you will ever need for suspension training in one package, which will last you a lifetime of workouts. The TRX Professional product is shown below:

TRX Professional: Product Summary

TRX Suspension Trainers are a revolution in bodyweight training and exercise




Many people are also taking advantage of suspension training through the use of gymnastics rings. Whilst not a dedicated suspension training device like the TRX, they do offer a similar form of training and exercise, and we really can recommend a complemented exercise regime incorporating both dedicated suspension trainers such as the TRX and a set of gymnastics rings.

If you are interested in incorporating ring training into your routine, the best gymnastics rings available on the market today developed for fitness rather than true gymnastics are the Elite Rings II available from www.ringtraining.com. You can see this product below:

Elite Rings II: Product Summary

The Elite Rings are gymnastics rings designed specifically for fitness. The advanced design and light weight make them the most versatile rings available for workouts.



What are the benefits of suspension training and exercise?

We bought our first suspension training product when looking for a method of exercising whilst travelling, to maintain our fitness when we didnít have the luxury of a gym to call in on. We didnít buy with the suspension trainer with the intention of it forming a fundamental part of our exercise regime, but the first time we tried it, we were hooked (and ached for a few days after!).

Suspension training is particularly good for:

  • Strength training
  • Flexibility training
  • Stability and agility training
  • Core body development

Suspension training offers another dimension to your staple exercises to maximise gains. For example performing exercises such as push-ups, chest flyes or inverted rows using a suspension trainer is much more difficult due to you needing to stabilize the body in the suspended state, which really promotes gains in the core body and abdominals.

Suspension training benefits in a nutshell:

  • Time efficient training: Less time needed for training whilst maximising gains
  • Unmatched versatility: You can train anywhere Ė at home, in the office, at the park working the entire body with hundreds of possible exercises.
  • Completely portable: Allows you to take your training with you wherever you go. Particularly good for holidays or those that travel at work a lot.
  • Scalable and safe exercising for all: Can be used by people of all fitness levels and abilities at a difficulty of their choice. Increasing performance and decreasing injuries
  • Easy storage and setup: For those with limited space for a home gym, the suspension trainer is perfect.
Where do I start?

So you have yourself a suspension trainer, where do you go from here? If you bought a TRX product, you will have a workout guide with the basic exercises to get you started and also a DVD to teach you the fundamentals of Suspension Training and about how you can maximise your fitness gains.

You can also view our exercises directory here.

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